Thank you for your interest in our self-guided culinary walking routes. On this page full of information, we hope to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Le Foodwalk?

Le Foodwalk is a culinary self-guided take-away walk. It's a fun activity with friends, a date, your long-time lover or colleagues. Le Foodwalk started in Amsterdam during the lockdowns to support the restaurants. We welcomed so many happy walkers that enjoyed the food in their city while being outside and working on those daily steps. After the success in Amsterdam, we hosted walks in Utrecht, Haarlem, The Hague, and a beach walk in Zandvoort.

Now Le Foodwalk is back with self-guided Foodwalks along cool eateries.

All the information is in English but I'm Dutch?

On social media and in our webshop we communicate in (non-native ;-0) English, because we want to be inclusive. MAAR: maak je geen zorgen. We maken de route volledig in het Nederlands en bij je bestelling krijg je zowel de optie van de Nederlandse Le Foodwalk PDF als de Engelse versie.  

What is included in the price of the walking route?

All digital routes created by Le Foodwalk include 5 food stops where you will get a bite. One drink is included in the ticket and 0.0% drinks are available. Vegetarian bites are also available, but only when pre-booked. Please select the vegetarian ticket when you are vegetarian. Of course, at all the locations of Le Foodwalk (extra) drinks are available to buy.

After you complete your purchase of the tickets, you will get a ticket with a unique QR-code. This QR will be scanned at the starting location. 

Please note that Le Foodwalk is a take-away walk. This means that there is no table reserved at the restaurants that you visit. You get your bite to go, and you can enjoy it along the walk :-).

What are the times of Le Foodwalk?

All Le Foodwalk routes start between 12.00 and 14.00 o’clock. The starting location is fixed and can’t be changed because you will receive your stamp card there. Le Foodwalk ends at 17.00 o’clock (5 PM). It’s significant that you finish on time because the restaurants need to start prepping for their dinner service.

What kind of tickets are available?

You can choose a regular ticket or a vegetarian ticket. Please select the correct tickets in our webshop. A regular ticket means you eat everything: meat, seafood, veggies. The vegetarian ticket is veggies only (but not vegan).

How to order and get your self-guided walking tour:

  • Choose the date of your walk.
  • Check with your friends how many regular and vegetarian tickets you need.
  • Then select the tickets and add them to your cart.
  • You can pay with iDEAL, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Google- and Apple pay.
  • When the payment is successful, you receive an order confirmation.
  • Before the walk you will get a separate email with your Le Foodwalk PDF with the walking route and essential information. You can download the Dutch OR English version via the same link.

    I ordered a regular ticket instead of vegetarian, how can I fix this?

    Oh well, oh well, oh well. Please email us so we can fix this ;-). But please note that we can't change tickets within 24 hours of the walking date because restaurants need to order the food.

    What to expect: your Digital Walking Route a.k.a. Le Foodwalk PDF

    We put a lot of effort in our Le Foodwalk PDF’s and hope you enjoy exploring the different neighbourhoods by foot with a bite in your hand.

    Le Foodwalk PDF includes:

    • all the practical information like the address details of the locations and a link to the Google Maps route. 
    • nice facts about the neighbourhood ánd inside information about new hotspots and restaurants that will open soon in the area. YES, Le Foodwalk is made by foodies for foodies ;-).
    • the restaurants that we curated for Le Foodwalk are selected with care. They are local favourites and therefore true neighbourhood gems. 
    • the way to someone's heart is through their stomach! And we can’t agree more. That’s why we listed some food questions in our digital guide to enjoy along the walk. Ask them to your friends, your date or your long-time lover and get to know each other better.

      Can I change the order of the food stops?

      The starting location is fixed and can't be changed. Here you will get your stamp card to obtain the bites and a drink at the different food stops. For each walk we create two different routes so not all the walkers will be at the same location after the start. You need to keep to the route that's in your PDF.

      What kind of bites are served during Le Foodwalk?

      All the bites are 'tasting size'. That means that they're not the size of a starter, but usually more the size of a slightly larger amuse-bouche. In the past, we had everything from sliders to bao buns and from savoury éclairs to blinis and paella. What the restaurants will serve depends on their chef's style and what's in season.  

      Can I sit down to eat my bite?

      It's a take-away walk. That means that there is no table reserved for you in the restaurants. Some restaurants will have their terrace out, please follow the direction of the staff if it's OK to sit there or not during the colder months. When the sun is out, these tables are not reserved for Foodwalkers, but for regular guests. We ask you to respect that. Often, there are public benches close to the locations where you can sit down to enjoy your bite! 

      I’m vegetarian, can I join?

      YES, we have the option for vegetarian bites on all our Le Foodwalk routes. Please select the VEGETARIAN ticket.

      I’m pregnant, can I join?

      We advise ordering the vegetarian ticket. In the past, we never had problems and these bites were suitable for pregnant walkers, but make sure to double-check the ingredients at the locations. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee all 5 bites are 100% pregnancy proof. However, there will be a 0.0% drink available included in the ticket.

      I have food allergies, can I join?

      We are sorry to say that we can't accommodate allergies at this time. If your allergies are severe, we still want to offer you the opportunity to join your friends during a walk. Your friends buy a ticket and you just walk along. This means that you will not get a stamp card and you can't order the food. You can bring your own snacks and just order a drink to go at the different stops.

      I’m vegan, can I join?

      At this point we don't offer vegan Foodwalks. 

      Can kids and furry kids (aka dogs) join?

      FOR KIDS: Yes, they can walk with you, and you don't need to buy a ticket if your child doesn't eat the food. You can always order something from the regular menu. Kids 10 years and older who join and want to taste all the bites need their own ticket.

      FOR DOGS: Make sure to bring your own snacks and water for your furry kids. And please respect if dogs are not allowed inside the restaurants. However: this should not be a problem since it's a take-away walk, and you will enjoy the bite (and drink) along the way and not inside.

      Can I buy extra drinks during the walk?

      At two locations, a drink is included in your ticket. At all locations extra drinks (to go) will be available for purchase. Sometimes you can sit down when you buy an extra drink, but please respect it that this is not the case at all locations. At some restaurants, the tables are reserved for 'regular' customers. That's why we keep mentioning that Le Foodwalk is a take-away walk. 

      What's the difference between Le Foodwalk and for example the Wijnspijs Wandeling

      While both concepts focus on the joy of discovering new restaurants and working on those steps Le Foodwalk is a take-away walk with 5 bites and 2 drinks included in the ticket. It's not a sit down concept. The price is also much lower than Wijnspijs Wandeling where you get to sit down at all the restaurants on the route and all drinks are included.

      I can’t find my ticket...

      When your payment was successful, you received a confirmation email and an email with your ticket with the QR code. This whole process is automated. Please check your spam if it's not in your inbox.

      I can’t make it & need to cancel:

      Of course we are sad to hear that you can't make it to the Foodwalk you bought. All sales are final and tickets are non-refundable. We pre-order (and pay) all the bites for Le Foodwalk and the restaurants already did their groceries and food preppings for you. If you can't make you can sell your tickets to a friend (via social media, app groups etc) or you can try to sell it on Ticketswap.

      Can I change my ticket?

      Please note that tickets are non-refundable and that switching between dates or routes is not possible. 

      Le Foodwalk is sold out, how can I get a ticket?

      Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels, like Instagram and TikTok where we will announce new dates and new Foodwalks. At the bottom of this webshop, you will also find the option to subscribe to our mailing list. And yes, we will send all the updates and the option to buy early tickets straight to your inbox. 

      Have fun when you join Le Foodwalk and we can't wait to meet you when you share your experience with @lefoodwalkamsterdam and #lefoodwalk.


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